I offer a wide variety of services and can create projects with many multimedia needs. I’m a producer and love to get things done and bring together the right people to do it. While I specialize in a few areas I also rely on bringing in a crew that have their own unique specialties that are needed for each job. I always surround myself with people who I trust and that I know do good work.


Many events are the result of months to years of planning and if there is no media captured they can be quickly forgotten. As a producer I plan the event’s media with a vision and a goal, recruit the respective crew, and finalize the event’s media in a useable and effective way. This can include creating media leading up to the event along with optimizing it for the web. Having dedicated photographers and videographers will enormously benefit an event along with its chances of making an impact.

Commercial/Promotional Web Videos

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “content is king” then you know that the only thing that truly determines a websites rating is how original and useful the content is. So without content even the best website will not show up in results. Creating original web videos will not only serve as an important tool on the website but it will also boost its visibility in the vast sea of the internet. I specialize in knowing what makes web content useable and helpful for both the visitor as well as the website. I can produce videos that follow a plan that not only get’s the company’s information out there but also feeds the visitor the information that they need that make them comfortable with the company.


While I shoot videography for weddings professionally I also can be a great resource for couples when planning the media for their wedding. When recruiting my services for a wedding the couple can tell me what they want and I’ll get it done with no stress on their part. I can provide lists of photographers that fit their needs and requirements or organize other media shown at the reception or elsewhere. By creating a media authority in a wedding it will give better consistency in the wedding’s image and product. My videography company, Sky Blue Weddings, prides itself on creating cutting edge and original wedding videos for each individual couple. We also provide photography services that can be bundled with our videography to save money.

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