By Tyler J. Clements Nov.21.2011
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A must have: Pelican Case 0940/0910


I can’t stress the importance of protecting your data/footage enough. All it takes is a drop or a spill to lose everything you just shot so it’s crucial to be absolutely overprotective of your CF or SD cards. If you are familiar with contracts there are almost always a clause in there that legally protects the person from an “act of God.” Well, the Pelican 0940/0910 will physically protect you from almost any “act of God” (I’m hesitant to repeat the Captain of the Titanic’s words).

Pelican 0940

Pictured is the Pelican 0940 which is made for CF Cards. The 0910 model is made for SD cards but the only difference between the two is the interior liners which can be swapped out.

It’s water proof and crush proof. As far as card cases go, there isn’t much more you can ask for. It has a little spot to clip a harness to so you don’t lose it. I have it clipped to my case at all times so I can’t lose it. It’s made of polycarbonate resin which sounds like it could survive anything. It has separate removable liners so you can swap them out if you want. I bought the 0940 and I had a friend that had the 0910, he was kind enough to trade a square from the 0910 for a 0940 square so I could store both CF and SD cards in my case (rather than buying a second case). There is also another “plain” liner included. It looks like you could fit a credit card or ID in it but I think it’s just made for small loose items.

You can’t lose with a company like Pelican. All their cases come with a lifetime warranty and they are a highly respected company.

Pelican 0940


Apparently Pelican has decided to replace the 0940 case with the 0945. I can’t attest to the 0945 and from what I’ve heard it isn’t as good as the 0940 which is disappointing. If it’s possible, try to find the 0940 and buy it. The only advantage to the 0945 is that it can hold 6 CF cards rather than 4. If you have 4x 32GB cards you really don’t have a need for two more card slots but if you opt to shoot with 16GB cards or less you might want to go with the 0945.

The 0910 has also been replaced by the 0915. Buy the 0910 while you still can!

Pelican 0940 Compact Flash Memory Card Protective Case

Pelican 0910-010-110 Secure Digital Memory Card Case