By Tyler J. Clements May.16.2014
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Manfrotto 1051 BAC Mini Compact Stand Review

Manfrotto 1051 BAC Mini Compact Stand

I bought two of these Manfrotto 1051 BAC Mini Compact Stands a while ago and I wanted to give a quick review of them. Yes, they are just stands but they are on the expensive side so you might want a little bit of information on them before putting up the cash to buy them. Read the full story

By Tyler J. Clements Aug.15.2013
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Corsair H110 Watercooling - A Video Editors Perspective:


I just upgraded a few of my PC parts and among them was the Corsair H110 Watercooler. As a video editor I spend a lot of time rendering videos which is a very processor heavy application. I had the stock intel cooler on before (horrible, I know) and I could get it up to about 3.8 Ghz running at about 75-80 degrees Celsius which is way too hot (IMO). Temps that high would likely degrade the life of your processor so I had it dialed in at a sluggish 3.6Ghz. Since my purchase and installation of the H110 I’m currently running my CPU overclocked to 4.6Ghz and I wanted to share briefly how that translates into my editing experience and render times. Read the full story

By Tyler J. Clements Jul.12.2013
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Sachtler Ace Review

Sachtler Ace Tripod Review

For the past two years I’ve been lucky enough to have been able to borrow tripods for my shoots and when a good video tripod costs anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000 I preferred to spend my money on other gear. I was dead set against paying $300 to $700 for a cheaper tripod like a Manfrotto mainly because I never like buying cheap things – they tend to break easily and in my experience with Manfrotto they don’t last very long when used on a regular basis.

I had planned on buying the Sachtler FSB-6 with carbon fiber legs and it would have cost me around $1,800. However, the time came when it no longer became convenient to borrow tripods and I needed to buy one but I still didn’t want to spend that kind of money. Then enters the Satchler Ace tripod with aluminum legs for about $500. I hesitated with this tripod because since it was a considered a “budget” tripod and I thought that it  wouldn’t last very long. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Read the full story

By Tyler J. Clements Jul.5.2013
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My Canon C100 shoot:

So this is the finished video from my last project. I rented the Canon C100 for this shoot and was very impressed by the abilities of the camera. You can read my full review here.

This video is an excellent example of my approach to online marketing through storytelling. I started my company, Proper Studios, to create videos  specifically for online advertising.

By Tyler J. Clements May.13.2013
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C100 Review


This last weekend I rented the Canon C100 for a shoot and I was anxious to see how it performed compared to Canon’s DSLRs. I’ve had my eye on it a while and have been debating whether or not it’s worth buying so I figured it would be wise to rent it to see how it works.

I rented the C100 for this particular shoot because I was doing a lot of run-and-gun shooting in order to get a lot of shots in a short amount of time and I wanted to get a little more dynamic range since I was shooting without any lighting equipment and I didn’t have time to be adding light to darker areas or blocking light sources to keep things from overexposing. There were also plans for some dusk/sunset shots so I wanted to make sure it could hold up in low lighting as well.

My biggest concern for the shoot was how well the 8-bit 4:2:0 24Mbps codec was going to hold up. The project will be published on the web so it isn’t a huge deal for the codec to be top notch but I did want some extra headroom for color correcting. If the project did need a better codec quality I would have rented either the C300 or an external HDMI recorder. I also wasn’t sure how user-friendly it was going to be – is it fast to adjust focus, move around, monitor audio levels, use hand-held, change exposure, et cetera?

So going into the shoot I had some basic requirements that it needed to fill while still hanging onto some concerns about the camera. Read the full story

By Tyler J. Clements Apr.8.2013
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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

Blackmagic is unveiling their new cameras at the 2013 NAB show. It looks like they will be stealing the show once again!
Read the full story

By Tyler J. Clements Mar.21.2013
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Pelican 1510 Case Review

Pelican 1510

It was love at first sight. I remember early on during one of my first jobs in the industry I was unloading a bunch of Pelican 1650 cases and I was immediately impressed with a new standard of durability and quality. The cases were beautifully rugged and felt like they could last a lifetime. Some time later I bought one of my own and now I’ll give just a quick review of the Pelican 1510 Case. Read the full story

By Tyler J. Clements Dec.10.2012
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SSD Raid on Hackintosh (with TRIM)

It’s beginning to be fairly common for people to replace their old Hard Disks Drives (HDD) with more expensive but faster Solid State Drives (SSD). They offer faster boot-up times, faster application loads, lower power consumption, no moving parts, and the list goes on. The reason they aren’t being adopted sooner is because the price per gig is much higher than an HDD. Read the full story